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“Skin Care & Hair Care”

Resple is a product has concept for aging care especially for Skin Care & Hair Care.

Resple has a meaning of”reviving the shine” which started at Tokyo. Brand founder is a Japanese hairstylist who’s delicate skills. The golden “jojoba oil” Raised in Pesticide-free desert and native Americans‘ secret “jojoba herb essence” that maturity method by rhythm from the moon bring life back to your hair and skin.


“premium jojoba oil” blended

Premium jojoba oil that has a world one title in US institute is blended in repsle organics. Also it contains high amounts of wax esters and vitamin E which improved by medical doctor. “KEIKO SEED” is 100% organic and identified as world one by American institution.

16 Kinds of Herbs Used

As there is compatible for human relationship, native Americans carefully select compatible herbs that maximize the effects for hair and scalp. Jojoba herb essence that has been handed down to Native Americans since ancient times. It has been useful as a secret for their beautiful black hair. The jojoba herb produced by the Native American “Moon Rhythm Method” is a rare herb essence that can only be produced twice a year. The new moon, which has good weather in spring and autumn, is charged and fermented until the full moon and matured until the new moon that’s about 3 months.

16 Herbs

Sage / Jojoba Meal
Juniper / Nettle Leaf
Aloe Vera / Ginseng Root
Saponaria / Arctium Lappa Root
Arnica / Chamomila
Sea Kelp / Ginger Root
Green Tea / Equisetum Arvense
Rosemary / Ginkgo Biloba Leaf



Shampoo 350ml

¥4,000 Without Tax

“Hair Care & Skin Care” scalp aging care amino acid shampoo

Shampoo 1000ml

¥9,800 Without Tax

Valuable size


Skin Spa Oil

¥5,500 Without Tax

“Skin Care”
Oil Skin Care



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